We would like to kindly propose a collaboration with IPSO IURE, whose founders are experienced lawyers and counsellors. Morover, they have been working and collaborating with big companies within domestic and international scope. We advise our clients in major areas of law practice which are essential for safe and thriving business leading in home country and globally.

IPSO IURE is a multidisciplinary law firm which employs legal advisors in major areas  of law practice. We can guarantee you or your company that we will do our best to resolve any problems, which may emerge in your business or personal life. Our employees and co-workers are easy available  in our three headquaters which are located  in Warsaw, Poznan and Gdansk.

Our two fundamental objectives, which differentiate us from other similar companies, focus on resolving our clients' problems as well as avoiding them. Therefore, IPSO IURE deals not only with the service.

In law firm there are six basic organisational structures serving our clients according to their requirements:

Corporate Services

Tax Colsulting

Debt Collection

Process Department

Human resources and accounts

Customer Support